UNIQLO Teams Up With Paris Fashion Brand, LEMAIRE

They are bucking the trends and going with clean, simple aesthetic





LEMAIRE is a Paris-based fashion brand led by Christophe Lemaire and Sarah-Linh Tran. The brand presents collections designed for functionality, with attentive details influenced by the cosmopolitan streets of Paris. LEMAIRE is highly respected in Europe and all over the world.

“UNIQLO and LEMAIRE are offering LifeWear that elevates individuality and colors everyday life”.

Good News!  UNIQLO & LEMAIRE have teamed up to create a classic clothing collection made with elegance and fine fabrics. They are bucking the trends and going with clean, simple aesthetic against a neutral color palette of soft grey, navy blue and honey yellow (with a nice pop of red!)

For anyone who knows Lemaire, this is awesome news because it means we get a piece of this Parisian fashion pie for a fraction of what we’d pay without the collab.  Most of Lemaire’s dresses range in price from $498 and up, with pants in the $600 range.

The Uniqlo and Lemaire collection will offer women’s and mens styles in price ranges from $19 -$149.  😀

Where: Uniqlo.com
When: TONIGHT @ 11 PM  (add your name to the list to be notified!)

Shop the new Lemaire collection at UNIQLO

This collection will also be available at select brick and mortar stores in New York City, NJ, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Santa Clara and Costa Mesa, CA

Author: Ava

Fashion Designer, Blogger, Adventurer. I love travel, business, vintage everything and French lavender.

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