The Skinny on the Skinny (Jean) + Denim Report for F/W 2016-17

Skinny jeans have been all the rage for the last few years, and we all know that what goes up must come down.  As a veteran of Denim, I still hold the endearing wardrobe staple very close to my heart.  So what’s the status of the Skinny this season?

According to the most recent Denim Report created by the folks at the Denim by Premier Vision Show in Paris, the Skinny may be seeing it’s last season this Fall with high-waisted fits. Replacing the Skinny are athletic-inspired styles and fits (still slim, nonetheless) characterized with sport-active details such as thermal, windproof and UV-blocking fabrics, jogger-style ribbed hems and performance stretch fabrics.  Sounds pretty space-agey, right?  It’s no secret the athletic and athleisure sector has taken over the bottoms department for a time and blinded us all with curve-hugging, yoga-lovin’ shapes (whether we yoga or not).  But our denim is a tried and true love affair that can’t be pried from our hands too easily. So the alternative?  Marry the comfort and sport of athletic wear with our favorite pair of blue jeans–voila!  We get X-TREME DENIM.

Second in our forecast, is a more oversized carrot-leg style with dramatic dropped crotches, overlapped waistbands and tapered legs. Sounds a bit horrific, and perhaps the kinks will be worked out by Fall ’16-17.

We’ve already seen a few of these being worn by such celebs as Gwyneth Paltrow.

And my personal favorite finally arrives in full-swing:  High-waisted super bells, a ‘la 1970s. These, in particular, I will welcome with wide arms.




Author: Ava

Fashion Designer, Blogger, Adventurer. I love travel, business, vintage everything and French lavender.

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