Your Burger Socks Are Making Me Hungry.

How Photo-Realism is Taking Fashion To New Levels


Photorealism is taking fashion by storm with vivid, realistic prints of animals, scenery and yes, even FOOD!  The most intriguing being these:

The donut printed Leggings


Everyone loves donuts.  And now you can celebrate your donut love by wearing them on your legs!  OK, I have mixed feelings about all of this food printing..obviously.  It’s funky, for sure!  But what does it LOOK like?

My favorite of all I’ve seen so far are these burger printed socks by Sublime Designs, currently offered on Zulily for a mere $6.99  — now THAT’S cheap entertainment and a burger that may outlast the lifespan of a happy meal.

Burger Socks by Sublime Designs


Author: Ava

Fashion Designer, Blogger, Adventurer. I love travel, business, vintage everything and French lavender.

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